Public showcase of projects and experiments (mostly FOSS) by Sayem Shafayet (iShafayet).

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🔷 Lipi for Business

Lipi for Business, a SaaS mobile-first ERP solution, at peak serving 300+ medium size retailers, with an open source codebase.

Web site & app (PWA): Visit
Android app: Get it on Google Play
Source code: Get it on Github (GNU GPL V3)

Minor end-user products

🔷 Realistic Investments

Get thorough profit/depreciation calculation of investments and savings that takes inflation, taxes, and wealth taxes into account.

Live SPA: Visit /realistic-investments
Source code: Get it on Github (MIT)

Libraries & developer utilities

Libraries, modules, packages and tools useful for developers that I have created/maintain:

🔷 JSON R.E. Toolkit

Reverse engineer JSON data to create Schema, Joi, Java POJOs, SQL tables, mongodb schemas etc.

Live SPA: Visit /json-re
Source code: Get it on Github (MIT)

🔷 bsdiff-bspatch

bsdiff and bspatch are a pair of tools for building and applying patches to binary files. These are somewhat maintained forks of bsdiff and bspatch utilities (with a few pre-built binaries).

Source code:: Get it on Github (BSD 2-clause)

🔷 promisekeeper

An industrial grade native promise scheduling library. Automatically limit the number of promises running in parallel.

Source code: Get it on Github (MIT)

🔷 Minor stuff

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